Louise Vernall


"man on the beach" Amy and Me "I may look like an idiot but at least at the end of the day i will still have a cat!!" Lisa "(singing) Im blue if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die... " Dominic Jade: " Do I speak LOUD??" Jade: "What is smog?" Me : "it's fog with a s...(30 secs later).......and a m" On the beach making a sandcastle, Amy says:"Guys, i think we may run out of sand!!" "...and there's always the spar!!" On the way to T4 on The Beach.... Jade:Did u see the reaction you got!?! Me :Thats what i wanted baby!! Jade:Its the way i wipped it out!!! Elle: "Those wheels are SPINNIN!!!" Jade: Your a right little fish arn't ya! Me: will.?? Will: What? Me: are you asleep?? Will: No..Im too exiiiited!!! Jade: do they check your bags? Me and Ellie: why? Jade: cos i have got a knife in mine! Me and Connor: Whats the girl called from Juno?? Ellie: Is your mum there?.... Me: Just lick my face and stick them on! Nic: Noah's ark f***ed me over!!

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