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"Sometimes, when people are uproariously laughing at you or staring at you in bewilderment, it's not because they're trying desperately to mask their fear of the painful truth you bring, it's just because you're a fucking idiot and completely unaware of it" -Arthur Chaplin, poet- "HATS ARE LIKE GOD, BUT BETTER CUZ U CAN SEE THEM BUT NOT WORSE BECAUSE GOD ALSO DOESNT ANSWER WHEN YOU ASK HOW ITS DAY WAS AND THEY'RE BOTH USUALLY ABOVE U EXCEPT WHEN YOU'RE UPSIDE DOWN SO ALL IN ALL HATS > GOD" -Kenny Cartmill- "Today is the perfect day for a perfect day" -Unknown- "Do it....LIKE A BAUS" -David Zhao- "Veni, Vidi, Dormivi [I came, I saw, I slept]" -Unknown- "머리가 나쁜것 맞다니까- 그 쪽을 사랑해서 아니라, 그 쪽만 사랑하니까. 난 그 쪽 아니 면, 선택의 여지가 없다고 이 amazing한 여자야." -김주원, 시크릿 가든- "I speak 3 languages fluently - smartass, sarcasm, and profanity" - Unknown

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