Louise O Keeffe


Get out da gap yhoo whore, mojo jojo, skip skip skippy, dude!wheres my car?! , man up, yhoo can lick my ring, damn yousa mouldy beourrr, some mothers do have them, just live your life! to the max, rawr, lush, whos awesome! your awesome, NOG norma of geek, i need some cooling down baby, Whats so funny?! Your face, YOYOYOYOYO, Thats the job, whats the crack.. apart from your arse, whats wrong with your face, shake that ass bitch and let me see what yhoo got, aw look at da shamsters ha!, HIGH FIVE,your lookin for a puckin, less of it now, go on say it again i fuckin dare ya, soo come ere often, yhoo have the memory of a goldfish, LiVe with no excuses and LoVe with no regrets, ┌ • ♫♪ D A N C 3 L I K 3 U F U C K !!• ┐, Every Saint has a past nd every Sinner has a future,

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