Louise Hyem


"you always have to take it just a little bit further" "get away from the girls" "chelsssseaa" "you ain't no friend of mine." "get your little nibblers out." "swimming, swimming in the swimming pool." "Scwester!" "will you be my friend?" "lets go running through the fields naked! (hey leanne?)" "im gona get my brrrrrrooom" "I think we should go off and headbang to get it out of our system"...leanne?! "hi barbara" "shave me shimone" "i am sure Lincolnite is a proper word" haha "girls, are we being robbed...?".... "think its an eathquake, i thought cud feel somehting in the air?!" "camera's?..yeh smile!" (alrite chelsea) "peter..." "working 9 to 5...(wot a legend)" "tea??!" "how were we not bullied at school?!"lol "Julie tulip!" "gigi" "joke!" "bambam...u wot???"

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