Arnold Mogieliński


WORKING ON AN UPCOMING POPCULTURAL BLOG. I'm a 18 yo student from Poland. I love fashion. Trying to be up-to-date and follow modern runway trends. I'm in the process of creating my own personal style everyday. My wardrobe consists of more classic, conservative-like things, like simple jackets and shirts mixed with more eccentric, modern-like things. Skinny jeans/tube-pants, printed t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans etc. Accesories -- bracelets and/or rings&necklaces, man-bags. I tend to go all 'quiet' with muted colors or 'loud' with color explosion in my outfits. But I also like to successfully mix colorful/patterned things with simple black/white/grey/ecru. Last but not least I'm an English Philology student aspiring to be an actor or a writer. Modeling for fun.

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