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There are things in this world that human beings must never touch. Thats why you must never touch that which is unknown. You must not listen to the sweet whisperings of the ill and never touch something if you dont know what it is! - march story The power to make people laugh is worth more then the ability to forge a thousand swords! - march story Ill show you a sweet dream next night - vampire knight Momoko Ryugasaki: Humans are cowards in the face of happiness. It takes courage to hold on to happiness. Ichigo Shirayuri: Hey, Momoko. Women shouldn't cry in public. Momoko Ryugasaki: But there's no one here. Momoko Ryugasaki: Stop spitting! Engulfed in the sorrowful melody that emanating feather dress, they are bound together as the bride of darkness offers her flesh to the darkness. Loves accusation and even the purest of feelings, the bride of the dark night steals them all. Just like a Lily fated to be black, this forbidden now blooms in shadow secret. Places teach me lots about a boys secret parts! - Sakura (fall in love like a comic) Im a otaku is that ok with you - My girlfriends a geek This world is dyed with the color of blood. It will never be able to go back to the way it was befor- Yuuki Kurosu I want these gentle hands and this kind smile even though I should not want such a thing- Zero Even if you hate me we must suppress the monster in side you - Yuuki The moon is going behide the clouds from here on is our time She isnt little in my heart her existence is big - Zero A drop from the moon dropped and disappeared into a room into my heart If ..if I were the rain..that binds tog the earth and the sky whom in all etemity will never mingle...would I be able to bind two hearts tog - Orihime Smile to everyone you see that smile could just make someones day and you could be a hero.- my mom Remember ladys if you stand for nothin ull fall for anything - Sucker Punch So what if you fall, all you have to do is get back up again" "If you look up at the sky when you fall, then the vast blue sky is smiling at you today too" Let's put all things aside and live for the moment, even if we lose it one day its ok if we let others carry on the dreams we had to give up" (this is one of my favorites) No matter what happens there are somethings you have to do Somethings you have to protect That's what pride is When you close your eyes and look at the World, what do you see Lenalee Lee (D.Gray-man) Those who use others are stupid, but those who get used are stupider. Ritsuka (Loveless) The future is not a straight line. There are many different pathways. We must try to decide that future for ourselves. Kiyoko (Akira) Beyond the noise of the world there's a stairway leading to the basement of a fantastic world. (Paradise Kiss) I don't have anywhere to go back to. All we can do is keep moving forward. Kiba (Wolf's Rain) While we are talking of peace, people are dying. Setsuna F Seiei (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) No matter what happens, I'll keep on moving. Until this life runs out of me, I'll keep on walking. Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) Tonbi ni abura age (those who take too long to enjoy something will lose it) (Samurai Champloo) I am strong because i have people to protect Naruto (Naruto) For there to be pain, there has to be kindness. For darkness to stand out, there has to be the sun. Kyoko Honda (Fruits Basket) In that case, your battles will never end...since your enemy is destiny itself. Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing) We hunt them, experiment on them, and then we kill them. And after all that we call them monsters?!. (Elfen Lied) Have you ever realized how insignificant your existence is on the planet?. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) A dropout will beat a genius through hard work. Rock Lee (Naruto) To know what is right and choose to ignore it is the act of a coward. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) There are things people can't accept, even if they do understand them. Arthrun Zala (Gundam SEED) To live is to die, to die is to live. Pure is unpure, unpure is pure. Kikyo (Inuyasha) Hearts and dreams that pass each other, but are oblivious to one another. (Ichigo 100%) Of the days that I have lived, only those I spent with you seemed real Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie) Even if I lose this feeling, I'm sure that I'll just fall in love with you all over again. Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura) What's the point of living if it means throwing away your pride?!. Kiba (Wolf's Rain) I soon came to the point where I didn't know whether my smiling face was a lie or not. Lavi (D.Gray-man) If I am able to reach beyond sorrow; I will not need to feel anything beyond this anymore (School Days) When people are protecting something truly precious to them. They truly can become. As strong as they need to be!. Haku (Naruto) Loving a person isn't about logic or reason. (Paradise Kiss) Is it weapons that are the cause of all this fighting or does the real cause lie within the human heart?. Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED) Angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils. Vicious (Cowboy Bebop) “…In time, there will come a day when everything is just a memory” Takemoto Yuuta (Honey & Clover II) “You’ve got to enjoy your life, or you’ll end up wasting it.” Revy (Black Lagoon) “Love makes people strong and it is love, too, that can make people weak ” Makarov (Fairy Tail) “If you always worry about the past, It’s your loss because you won’t be able to enjoy the present.” Onizuka (GTO) A heart maybe weak and sometimes it may even give in, But I've learned deep down, there's a light that never goes out! Sora (Kingdom Heart) Friends is not something given to you, but something you make. Kyou Fujibayashi (CLANNAD) If humans do nothing to protect the precious things on Earth then why should the precious things help the humans? (xxxHOLiC) If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them... because in truth, I am that monster. L (Death Note) The important thing is that we face our fears. That's...that's what makes us strong. (Fruit Basket) I want to believe that memories, even sad and painful ones, should not be forgotten forever. Soma Momiji (Fruits Basket) The next time you open your eyes the world might have already changed - vampire knight

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