Sarah Leal


Michael to Jon: "Don't even think about it, just do it." Hillary: WOAH, look at his head! Hillary and I: Gotta be a cotton swab fo sho. "Hey Hillary, have you seen any small quaters today while drinking clear gatorade and watching the movie Penelope?" -Me and Michael- "You're stupid...stupid like an AIRPLANE!" -Me and Hillary- "Pink sherbet, popsicle lips" (Most gorgeous man alive!) Blake: "If people are gonna waste food, they should waste it in Africa." Me: "Food Fight In AFRICA!" "Congratulations Luggage Costume From Time To Time Knife Jealous Lawyer!" -Me and Micah- Girl: Whoa! Look at this twirly thing! These are so much fun! Mom: Well you're just gonna have a party, cause they're all over the place! "She will just put a bag over her head and go to town!" -Jonathan's granny- "I'm too mean to go to Heaven and not mean enough to go to Hell, so I'm just gonna stay here." -Jonathan's granny-

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