Livi Law


Luke: so on d of e me and my mate climbed this hill, then I gave him my yumyum..... *livi and niall die laughing* Joseph: the tantalising tango? That one? Rosie: let's snuggle! Livvy: ...and must make me laugh. Me: okay I will. Hang on... Katie: Does the man-voice give us the answers? Garath: Hold on - I have an atlas! Joseph: Guess what guys? I'm not naked! Joseph again: Newcastle is a place of poverty Emma: I think he's put on weight.. Me: He SPAT on you?? 'you want to be careful, you don't want to fall down a blowhole.' Emma: bye guys, i probably wont see you again. Me & Imy: whyy!? Emma: because, if i stop, struan will kill me, and if i don't stop, i'll probably die. Bethany: I'm so nervous i need a poo!! Joy: Oh Taydina! ♥ . *all squeeful inside Emily: It it because I'm black?? Everyone: Um... Emily, you're not black... LUK KLU KLUNIN??? You can't rap, my friend, you're white and you're from Fulham... JOLLY GOOD FUN. BABABABABAAAAAAH. Jess: Sophie, you can't beat your children to make them dance! Sophie: Thou shalt not be gay?? Isn't that a commandment??

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