Aly Bui


Well I laugh really easily. I act childish sometimes. I'm not that smart for an Asian. I'm funny...ish. I get really shy around strict people. Ummm....lemme think. Umm..I have skills in music, art, and whatever. I played the piano since 1st grade, but i quit in 5th and ive been playing the violin for almost 4 years. Um I'm 14 btw. Im apparently "rich", I live in the city btw, um cuz of my dads job, I'm considered high class but I consider myself a middle class, I like a lot of types of music, like dubstep, rap, poprock, bubblegum pop, pop, kpop, lol lots of pop xD, ummm I have a so called "great sense of style" said Maddy Boysen, um I'm a dancer and a singer but I never took lessons for that. Im like an amature >.< . Uhhh I'm kinda bipolar like I'm really happy for a second but I can turn super mad the second after, then start laughing , or get sad but you know, whatever. Umm I like to wear things in bright red, black, navy, pink, white, and anything with pastels lol. I like bows. I like buying food. I love food. Once I went to the mall and spent at least 30 dollars on just food. Im 5'4 or 5'5 Idk. Um I think Justin bieber and one direction are faggots. But I mean their songs are okay. I hate them but I don't hate their songs. I don't listen to it but I don't mind it. I'm stubborn. Once I make up my mind I don't change it. Yet I'm VERY indecisive. Like if I wanted a shirt in two diff colors I would ask a bunch of random people which one should I get, then I would just choose the one with the most votes, get both, or get frustrated and just not get any. Haha. I like super skinny jeans and short shorts and skirts and dresses lol. I like stretchy shirts that hug my body or super big loose comfy sweaters. I have a bunch of stuffed animals, people say my hair is like silk hahahaahahhahahaha no. my eye color up close for my left eye is a grey light brown, and the right eye is like a purpley red light brown, my hair changes color in the light, like from a dark brown to sometimes even like a golden caramel brown. my nicknames my friends call me are Boo (like the first syllable of bui I guess), Aly cat (like the animal), and Aly booty (kinda like bui and only some of my guyfriends call me that -.-) Anyways, I go to Space Center Intermediate School, uh some people tell me that I look older than 14, but its just cuz the arnt from Houston lol. To people here, I look 10 cuz apparently I got a "baby face" haha. Uh i Speak Vietnamese and spanish too. Lol and that's all I can think of.

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