Linnet Martinez


If there's one universal flaw... that is L <3 ve... it's a four letters word... two vowels... and two idiots" She's my best friend, Break her heart, I break your face (: Love hurts. boys lie. friends cry. people die. parents yell. you always try. you're never good enough, and you don't know why. If you don't stand for something, you fall for everything! "Es imposible" - Dijo el Orgullo - "Es arriesgado" - Dijo la Experiencia - "No tiene sentido" - Dijo la Razon - "Dale una Oportunidad" - Susurro el Corazon - ♥ "No reason to leave... is never a good reason to stay" Du behöver inte gilla mig , Jag är ingen fucking status !

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