Lindy Perrin


"ey did you get that?"-Rey "get whattttttt"-me "THIS DICK !!!"-Rey -__- yes, this is the man I'm in love with ahaha "well get off on who you mad at, it aint nun but air and opportunity bestest"-my best lmao its a love/hate type of thangggg "id get a wart for a prince any day"-binky "YA BITTCCCCHHHH"-alex "you can't fix a pregnant bitch"-binky "is there vodka in this rice cuz i love it ?!!!!!"-drunk juanito "nice ass kiss"-shalondra "ass kiss ?"-luis "yeaaaa, u know from toy story 3 ?"-shalondra "u mean ascot.......???"-luis "lets watch whale wars !"-alondra "forrr whattttt, thas just about lindy & her fat friends"-my sister "who was sittin in the seat like a grandma & shit?!"-alondra "ummmm bitch my grandma !!!"-me "ohhhhhhh no u cant fart on wooden chairs; that is forbiden !"-moni "last night i put on 7 jackets.....just cuz.....i was so high"-paTRICK "at least im squishin down ur boobs maybe theyl sink in!"-ruben "same bitch different hair!"-babydaughter "well fuck you ! ima hang up byeeeee"-me "time for teli byebye"-my fag brother "heyyyy, it looks like you're wearin jeans under ur sweatpants !"-my tard sister "she shouldnt of got tatted by her cuz shes fat"-little big brother "i love you and miss you and all that good good yum yum lovely dovey cupcake frostin on top stuff"-reyes stupid self "babe you the best thang that ever happened to me or my life, real talk"-my love "welcome to the club, we except you with open arms"-ady "dont everrr cut your hair"-babe "i was like fuck you, you pigeon toed fuck"-ady "a snapper....hmm..might be a fish; or some kind of unruly hooker"-paTRICK "its Hitlers birthday ? awwwww man were doin it big !"-ruben "cuz ur the thug in my life"-my sissy "no homo...but all homo"-me n moni "and shitttt"-me/shalondra/monkey "jump jump"-luis/shalondra "cindy lindy lucy"-my little angel (haha....get it...little angel..haha) "okay pinky promise ? (pinkys tied kiss on my thumb)?"-monicock "bitch dont snatch !"-moni "1..2..3"-alejandra "i feel like people just dont understand us sometimes"-monkey "you left me ta die with this evil gorrilla"-monicock "ive been noticing lately that alot of older ladies have been going out of their way to strike up a convo with me. i think its cuz my mutten stash reminds them of their civil war bfs"-paTRICK "he thinks the world is a triangle"-shalondra "i should have swallowed when i had the chance"-my tia "dad sometimes my car wont start, i think maybe its cuz its cold"-me "oh yea maybe thats why lindy, you should give it a bigggggg hugggggg to warm it up"-my father "im tighter than precious in booty shorts"-shalondra "Once upon a time there were two girls who got locked out of their house because they didn't bring some random hungry little boy Wing Stop . He then taped a crutch to the door so they couldn't even open the door with their house key. THE END"-shalondra "why do i feel like my house became a gay bar"-luis "after shes done eatin does she eat her fork too?"-luis "ohhhh he goes hard in his hospital socks"-shalondra "you cant come cuz all you do is cry and shit on yourself"-me to shalondra "hey me too"-carlos "why do she like black guys?"-me "its cuz shes white she feel like she owe em"-luis "they shouldnt allow that kinda of behavior"-bm, bout erybodyyy in the bar "stop goin dumb stop goin dumb stop goin dumb"-bm "ima build an arc like Jesus"-shalondra "4 lokos are pantie droppperrssssss"-me "this is hella gayyy. were at the water hella high n ur car slappin lovefaces.....wth ?!"-bm "do u need a wheelcahir to do the cat daddy ? cuz that seems very unreasonable"-me "you had my heart, & now i have your sweatpants BITCH"-my sister "come here slut slut slut can you suck me up"-brother in laws remix of rude boy ******************************

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