Lindsey Downing


"Relationships always sounded so physically painful. You fell in love, you broke a heart, you lost your head. Was it any wonder people came through the experience with battle scars?" "Whats a gooberry???" - Michael Upon opening her secret santa gift (the fragrance Pure Seduction) .. "It smells pretty, but I don't have anyone to seduct." - Alison "Can you please fix your grammer?" - Alison "Fuck you, Go play with yourself" - Nicolina "Lets leave Alison behind, She tells too many stupid stories" "I'm a baller, spending mad dough left and right." - KD Ro- "He's from Indiana University" Nicolina - "All the way in Arizona?!" "_____ ______ is online!!!" "Really? Whats his screenname...?" "...Orgasm." Me -(as she's on it) "Alison, can I use your computer??" Alison - .... x-es out of IM"s, hands over Later .... Alison - "Wow, I really am you're fuckin bitch. I'm ashamed!"

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