Lillian Leusogi


MAAAAYTE YA DREAMIN MIDDLE FINGARS TO DM HATERS!!! YOU WEAR THE PANTS BUT I CONTROL YA ZIPPER Meeting-you-was-fate-becoming-your-friend-was-a-choice-but-falling-in-love-with-you-was-beyond-my-control- see you told me i would loose buh i won i might cop a millie chimmychoos jus fr fun...cos bitch's cudnt take wat was in the higher the tigger tha lion the judda was me and my time .its jus me and my cash. .young money..yea im universa´´ KARMAS A BITCH ONLY IF YOU ARE deeeeeeeeeeezzz ALL MY BAD BITCH's I CAN SEE YA HALO IM A BAD BITCH IM A CUNT AND ILL KICK THAT HOE - BLUNT YOU SUCEED YOUR ATTEMPTS TO MAKE ME, NEED YOU DESPERATELY TO VINDICATE ME EXCUSE IM SORRY IM RALLY SICH A LADY :) ALL DEM BITCHS A RACHET SHOUT TO MY HATERS ..SORRY YOU COULDNT PHASE ME IM BIG WILLIE,NO BIKE GEAR , I TOLD YOU BITCHS LAST YEAR IM A RAPPEN BITCH NIGHMARE CHS DNT EFFECT BITCHS

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