Guanting Li


"The lark was metaphor for release." "In a calm sea every man is a pilot." --Ernest Hemingway ps. my dream was to become a pilot, which I could have made it 2 years ago. But, just let it be a dream, actually sometimes you don't have to achieve it. "A gentleman is rather than dust." "The world as I see it." --Albert Einstein "To see the world in a sand is to see the paradise in a flower. Infinity is in a palm. Eternity is in an hour." "Romance, it means you are always thinking of others." "Life is basically a matter of choice." "Stay away from girls, and be focus." --Lady Gaga to Ellen "What are you hunting for now? Family; Love; Career; Friend; Health etc. etc.." "In west wind, there is a very old road where there is walking a weak horse." --translated from ancient Chinese poetry "Honey, I love you! Take care of the children and find another man." --from whatever movie i forgot "Reading makes a full man; Conference makes a ready man; Writing makes an exact man." --Francis Bacon "I think, therefore I am." --René Descartes "Stay hungry, stay foolish." --Steve Jobs "Life is too short to be a bitch." --by someone drunk

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