Lauren Guidry


"They Made The Weather, Then They Stand In The Rain And Say 'Shit, It's Raining!'" "Nothing left to say ‘cause I loved you all the way, Until yesterday" "Dont tell me that its over" "I can't be with anyone Since I felt our worlds collide It's like I almost died The way you make me feel I'm changing, got me breaking down inside Baby can't you see You ruined me for life" -You Ruined Me by JC Chasez When you change nothing, nothing changes "She said 'I wanna find out for myself'" ~Dont give me attitude, i have my own "Be who you are and do what you want, cause the people who mind dont matter and the people who matter dont mind" "i faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor, where i laid and told you but you sweared you loved me more" "Huh Huh... your balls keep touching...Your ball needs to stop following mine"

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