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"We plan on living *FOREVER* but the fact still remains that we will *NEVER* get forever. That's just in Disney movies. So love the life you live, do what you want, and speak your mind. But most importantly *LOVE* and cherish everyone in your life" "CELEBRATE, celebrate we will 'cause life is *SHORT* but sweet for certain"~ DMB "It's not THAT late yet honey"~ LMFAO!! The ever so wise words of Jordan Taylor Hanson<3 to *ME* haha. November 21, 2010- Wallingford, CT- The Shout It Out Tour<3 "She said I must be 1 of the wonders of God's own *creation* and as far as they see they can offer no explanation. Oh I believe FAITH smiled at destiny. Laugh as she came to my cradle To know this child will be able Laugh as my body she lifted To know this child will be gifted With *LOVE*, with patience, and with *GRACE" She'll make her ((W.A.Y)) She'll make her way"~ Natalie Merchant<3 "I was going to buy Circus Peanuts"~ LMAO! I never laughed so hard.. My wonderful, *BEAUTIFUL*, admirable, amazing, funny as ever.. Mom<3 :) "Love is only what you give up Life isn't what you [[GET]] Love won't always fill your cup But life's when you start to ((L.I.V.E)) Life's when you ~L E A R N~ to give"~ Zac HANSON<3 :-) "Into the great wide open Under the skies of blue Into the great wide open A rebel without a clue"~ Tom Petty<3 "Live, learn, life, *LOVE*, die, dust, GONE"~ Hanson<3

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