Lana Zuber


Does anybody really know when it’s right? And how do you know – are there signs? Fireworks? Is it right when it feels comfortable or is comfortable a sign that there’s no fireworks? Is hesitation a sign that it’s not right, or is it just a sign that you’re not ready? In matters of love how do you know when it’s right? --Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw Sometimes the majority only means all the fools are on the same side. "Rise and rise until the lambs turn into lions."<3 You can be a delicious, ripe peach and there will still be people in the world that hate peaches. "Tell me, Nana, If for example we had been a love couple, would a hug have been enough to wash away my sadness? Or then; does every singlebeing carry this loneliness, like a burden? I wans't intending to monopolizing you I just wanted you to need me." "SHUT UP! ALL MEN SHOULD JUST DIE!" -Nana “So the thing that bothered me most was that the condemned man had to hope the machine would work the first time.”

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