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I meditate every morning and night no matter what- And I just hear ramblings in my head. These come to me during my alone time Envy and jealously will only lead u to your own self destruction... sometimes living in the moment mistakes and all, makes every tired breath worth breathing the worst kind of evil is the the negativity that you hold and possess inside. until you are able to release it you will never be able to protect your self from outside evils how can u guide and affect the world, when u don't ask for guidance for your self first? Happiness is not a luxury, its a right that one chooses to take on. pure hatred towards others is only a reflection of hatred towards yourself Beware of putting out negative energy and thoughts onto others, you never know if your own energy mirrors back and hits you ten times harder Don't underestimate the power of words, words can manifest failure and attainment. The universe works with recycled energy, what you give out is what you receive back Stop requesting for what others could do for u, and start asking for what you can do and have for yourself. Only then the universe will be at your finger tips You have the choice to suffer in vain, because if you keep the light you can turn it into gain. Every relationship that ended good or bad, every challenge in life, every pain brings you a gift. The gift is growth and Knowledge You must ask for strength and courage for yourself, in order to help and affect others Become the person, that you want that person to be.- Lana Layne's advice to a woman with a daughter who was empty inside but dated guys who she wanted to save. ones heart and spirit surpasses pure physical, the only person that can devalue yourself is you. know your light and soul and put your true energy in everything that is handed to u. do not deny your self of what u truly possess in yourself even when others do not see. self- love and self courage is what will allow yourself to gain strength and knowledge. do not look to others on what they receive, appreciate what u have gained. When it seems like everything is tumbling down around you. One must have faith that in order to build a better and stronger foundation, the weak one must crumble first. If you can't find peace by your self and filled with light, loneliness will travel with you every where. Regardless of how many people surrounds you. -bless it be Lana Layne

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