Lamiae Yui


-Keep talking bitch ur making me famous ;)✿ -the impossible is nothing , nothing is impossible..✿ -le sourire est parfois le masque des personnes tristes..✿ - Never give an important to someone who doesn't deserve it..✿. - Ne jamais laisser tomber 2 choses : les principes et la dignité.✿ - You will not believe how much I miss you .... In terms of when I heard a dog barking I thought you !!!!✿ - You will always lose a battle against someone who has nothing to lose✿ - ATCHOO.!!! I'm allergic to bullshit,mind games,liars and 2-faced people✿ - Im 99 % sure u dont like me , and im 100% sure i dont give a fuck✿ -You call them Haters, I call them people who wish they were me.✿ -Hate me? Go Sit With The Rest oF The Haters Waiting For Me To Give A Fuck✿ -Someone needs to tell my haters that they just can't do it like me✿ -Oh, Your dating .my supbess ..aww I ate a sandwich earlier, you want them leftovers too? :D✿ <3<3<3

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