Lindsay Robibero


"U think I'm blind, I see more than u know. U think I"m deaf, but i hear it all. U think u're slick, but I find all u hide. face it, I'm just not that stupid." " it's the beauty that lies inside that matters the most the outside is only a shell" Some things are better left unspoken. "Sometimes the people we meet change our lives forever." - Forces of Nature "If you find someone you can love, don't let that get away." - The Wedding Singer A wise girl kisses but never loves Listens but doesn't believe And leaves before she gets left. There's something about you I can't explain but whatever it is I need more of it. The only good time when you're crushed over somebody is when your flirting with them and trying to make them like you back. After a while that good feeling is gone and you feel like they will never ever like you but they're so irrestible that you just can't stop like them. Once they do like you you're only happy for a bit. Then all the fun in flirting is gone and you begin to stop liking them. Then when they actually stop liking them you feel so heartbroken and you realize that you were just pretending to not like them but they actually ment the world to. You have this incredible ability to make me completely crazy about you. Its a fact you can't be friends with someone you're in love with. We aren't friends. Friends don't look at eachother the way we do. Love is friendship set to music. Empty once again... it feels like I've lost you. I couldn't say how I felt.. so I cried. Suicide is not the love of death, but the fear of living. See this knife? I'm going to do it. I'm ready to leave this pain behind. My pain to you is blind. So dig me a grave and throw my body in.I'm dead. I ended it...the world wins.

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