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Yar Sure!- Tammy-Tara Rispel 1. God made women beautiful and foolish; Beautiful that he might love her and foolish that she might love him- Bible And so say all of us - Tammy-Tara Rispel 2. My people suffer from a lack of knowledge- Bible 3. The power of life and death is in the tongue- Anon 4. No mention shall be made of coral's or of pearls; for the price of Wisdom is above rubies- Bible 5. Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom and with thy getting, get understanding- Bible 6. It requires Wisdom to understand Wisdom; The music is nothing if the audience is deaf - Walter Lippman 7. The key to Wisdom is knowing all the right questions- John A Simone 8. Wisdom begins in wonder - Anon 9. Never mistake knowledge for Wisdom ; the one helps you make a living the other helps you make a life- Sandra Carey Iv'e heard that song before - Tammy-Tara Rispel " Some dance to remember, Some dance to Forget " - The Eagles, Hotel California " I was thinking to myself, this could be Heaven or this could be Hell "- The Eagles, Hotel California " She's got a lot of pretty,pretty boys she calls friends " - The Eagles, Hotel California " We are all just Prisoners here, of our own device " - The Eagles, Hotel California "Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you'll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you."- un known "It's not my fault I love you, it's yours." "I loved you once, I love you still, I always have, I always will..." "I love you without reason and that is reason enough." "You could put all the hearts together in the world and that still wouldn't describe how much I love you."

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