Kornelija Gedminaitė


1) never stop to believe :) 2) Love Is Hard To Find, Easy To Lose And Difficult To Forget =] 3) Never say "I love you" if it's not true.Never talk about feelings if you don't feel it.Never hug me if it's not with love.Never say that you yearning me if you don't yearn me.And NEVER lie me,because it can be a finish! ;))* 4) Rimtas veidas dar ne proto požymis. 5) There is nothing that you can not be or do, or have. You are magnificend creator of your life and you are here by your powerfull and the liberty wanting to be here. 6) Nėra nieko,ko negalėtum padaryti. Tik baimė, kad nepasiseks ir nepasitikėjimas savimi neleidžia įgyvendinti savo svajonių.

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