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Dad: "that's how you survive in high school. You gotta beat their ass and take their money!" Mom: "don't beat people up, use what god gave you and strip. Atleast you'll be earning you're own money" "Watching Usher is just like watching N'Sync, the only difference is it's one black guy instead of 5 white ones" - Paul Murray Katie: "if she comes up in here i'll just cut her with me knife" Me: "katie, that's a spatula" Katie: "oh, well then i'll just give her whip lash instead" Me: "Hey Daniel, will you go see the Jonas Brothers with me?" Daniel: "Is that a movie?" "In my dream i had to pick one person to save. and guess who i chose... LIL WAYNE :]" -Miranda Mixon Me: "whitney, what are you doing?" Whitney: "i'm drownding, thanks for caring" "I thought ligaments were only in you leg since you know, its like leg-ament" -Mary Lenoir "If i were a speedo, i'd want to be on Michael Phelps" -Blake Orxonnn "Mexicans like thick chicks!" -Taylor Talbott "You know you did some good dancing when your holes start making socks for you!" -Blake Orxonnn "Wanna fall off my bed? It feels real good!" -Blakee "Hey look, they have drive-through churches here!" -Steven Mulhern "I think my cousin got sunburnt cause he turned so black he looked navy blue!" -Tommie Walker Meagan: "This sounds like that song broken on my ipod" Miranda: "Thats cause this is broken. the one on youre ipod is just the acoustic version." Meagan: "Whats that mean?" Miranda: "That its just guitar" Meagan: "NO, its not. It has words!" "I got a big ass forehead" -Mirjoe Virginia

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