Kirsika Cherry Rooney


Live well, Laught often, Love mutch You can`t measure Love. It has no Start and no End. Love isn`t finding someone you can live with, it`s finding someone you can`t live without... Every Girl deserves to be treated like a Princess... There's three things I want in a relationship: eyes that don't cry, lips that won't lie, and a love that doesn't die ♥ You look super cute when you smile ... He stole my Heart. So I stole his Last Name. Naine peab olema ilus, nagu Veenus, kaval, nagu Kleopatra, julge, nagu Jean D`Arc, omama garderoobi, nagu Marie Antonie ning puhastus võimet, nagu Chillit Bang.... (Woman should be beautiful as Venus, clever, like Cleopatra, brave, like Jean D'Arc, have a wardrobe, as Marie Antonie and cleaning ability, such as Chilli Bang ....)

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