Kimberly Renken


"try it when you have the chance, because when are you going to have the chance to try it again." -Dad "don't cry because it is over, but smile because it happened" -anon. "Humpy Dumpy was a big egg Humpy Dumpy fell on his head Then he cracked and then his yolk fell out All across the town, "yay omelettes!" they shout" -Me and Shanleigh "i wish my homework was asexual so it would do itself" "roar" "In short, we, like Mickey, never grow up although we, alas, do grow old. Best wishes to you, Mickey, for your next half century. May we stay as young as you, but grow a bit wiser." -stephen jay gould (from Mickey Mouse Meets Konrad Lorenz) "Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truely. Laugh uncontrolably. And never regret anything that made you smile." Kimberly: "That boy was sticking his head in our little circle; him and his friend, Brandon & Brandon. The other one was just standing there." Sara: "Yea, but he sure wasn't shy!!!!!!!!" As Josh broke the church pew, Al shouts,"Josh, you're FAT!!!" Sara: "When I'm pregnant, my husband better not come back with just one cup cake, I WANT THE WHOLE TRAY!!" Gas, gas, break...the whole car shouts, "RED LIGHT!" Clerk: "that'll be 88 cents" Shanleigh: "thanks for making me feel like I was in the 50's" "If you hit the 'flo,' you obviously have rythmn. If you hit the floor, you are obviously white." "Meet me at the K-Mart" "Hey, I got a question for you." -Lindsey "Yes, I still want to .............." - Me "B-yah Blah Blah" "It's five till fifteen till." -Me With a pencil, a calculator, and a single sheet of calculations, Rachel proclaims, "It's all up to Jesus now!" A week later: "Jesus did not show up for the test." "Don't ever think you know anything, because before long you will realize you know nearly nothing." -Me "College is more of an experience than an education" -Adam As Angela plays with a fork and a plate of cheese she looks at me and Lindsey and states,"I can't believe you two are amused so easily." While playing in the ocean I excitingly and surprisingly proclaim, "Look at all the FISH!!" Angela sarcastically replies, "Well, we are in the ocean..."

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