Kikanwa Morgan


"If you're not going anywhere in life, nothing bad will happen to you."-Bishop A "When your work is your play, you'll never work again." "The definition of dating is a couple pretending to be married, while preparing for divorce."-Bano "Inspiration unused is merely entertainment." "Don't get cooked in the squat." "Sowu Bona...Sikhona...Ubuntu" "Just because you don't say it, doesn't mean you don't think it. Just because you don't think it subconsciously, doesn't mean you don't act on it." "It is when you become complacent with mediocrity that excellence is no longer attainable."-Evelyn Moody "I refuse to be believe that truth is what you choose to believe."-B. Reith "The worst thing is missing the memories that never existed; the thoughts of what could have been"-KAM "Intimidation is a tool used by the weak."-Bano "Seeing is believing, but faith steps in when you are blind."-KAM "Is wishing you were HERE. But you're not, you're THERE and THERE doesn't know how lucky it is."-Maya Matthews "Actions speak louder than words, so listen with your eyes."-KAM Faith without works is dead.-James 2:17 The best is yet to come.

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