Kiara Scott


Faraway things always look beautiful. I wonder what the closely approaching world will show me. -IU: Last Fantasy Believe me. I was truly happy after I met you. -The Moon that Embraces the Sun I promise that when you are near, I will have a reason to be glad. -Unspoiled Love smile bigger when your lover is smiling. -Soul mates Love never says sorry. -Love Story Love never says goodbye... -Fallen in Love Unexpectedly and heartbreaking...all first encounters are exciting. -Dream High The friends at my side are just like the stars which shines on me, who is in darkness. I will also be the star who shine on someone else. -Dream High 2 Thank you for showing me what a beautiful world this is. If I can be a miracle to you, it's because you first became a miracle in my life. -Thank you Hope this isn't accidental, because my heart knew you first, and tell me to wait for you. It was love from long ago. -Sin Yong Jae from 4MEN: Reason "Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away,and going away means forgetting." -Peter Pan

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