Kenny Goh


"Why worry when you can do something about it; no point worrying when you can't do something about it" "I've learnt not to care too much, worry too much and think too much. Instead, spend that time to appreciate and enjoy everything" "Life has given you enough clues to think for yourself. Don't fault it on others if you can't climb out of the hole you dug yourself in the first place" "Envy is just a motivation to reach towards being envied" "Never ever stop being hungry...else you'll loose the taste for life" "Make it wise, but make it fast. Don't be contended with the success of today" "Learn something, anything... learn to write, learn to draw, learn to photograph, learn to be unique, learn to observe, learn to appreciate arts, learn to talk, learn to create ideas, learn to joke.... just learn and keep learning. Mentally, you have no limits!" "It's sad to see those who try hard and don't achieve as well as those who don't try hard but does not realise what they have.... - KCQ -

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