Kelsey Marie


"I am about to die"-kelsey "man i think i need to mow the sandbox!"-Donnie "don't tell me the skys the limit when theres footprints on the moon!" "cuz without you i'm just dumb" Kate & Kels "just remember we all put or pants on the same way" Mr. Scott "word G..Homie H" Kate & Kels "if only i had my knee pads" Kate & Kels "if looks could kill, i'd be dead!" "They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel." Celeste someone "just do what ya do and be good at it ok?"-Parker "there are a lot of beautiful souls born out of broken places." "quit acting dumb, oh wait your not acting!!"~marvin "thats it,you mess with me, I go Loko on you!" ~Alvin

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