Kelsey Wilson


Me: I could never donate blood, i hate needles. Emily: Why? Youre dead...hahah "Wait, I thought we were gonna do it on the bed..." "Wow, this is hard...and soft" "Do you think those shirts are completely appropriate?" Me: I think it's AA. Bailey: Well, in your case it's DD. "From what I've told him, I think he knows you get freaky with guys." Me: I don't like sausage. Jordan: That's surprising... "They are all horny men." I like it in the front. No, I'm always on top. Me: I was in area leaders for triples, but I don't remember getting that many triples. Lex: Most of them probably weren't in softball. All: We need to play Never Have I Ever. Lex: I wanna know who's in the baby club with me. Katie: I'm the grandma of the team. "Maybe if I push it in further..." "I think I'm witnessing a pervert." Frotch.

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