Nikeda Stanback


*Dont hate me, hate the game* *What comes around goes around* *your not a pimp your pimple meaning your in my face and in the way* ~ Savage Thug *Real recognize real and your not looking to familiar* * GiRLs CaN FaKe OrGaSmS BuT GuY's CaN FaKe EnTiRe ReLatIoNsHipS* ~ The TRUTH *A Real woman talks because she has something to say, But a Real bitch talks because she has to say something* ~~The Truth !! *Life with men is like a deck of cards.... You need a Heart to love them, a Diamond to marry them, a Club to beat them, and a Spade to bury the bastards* ~~THE TRUTH "Dont watch me watch T.V you have to pay for this ~Juelz Santana

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