Kat Almonacid


MUSIC, IMAGES, MORE ROCK AND DIFFERENT WAYS OF ART, THAT'S WHAT I LIKE :) I love buying clothes wherever i find something i like, it may be in a big retailer, an specific store or a private showroom. Also online but i'm not used to shop online very much but never is too late to start, huh? I must say I don't have an specific favorite designer :) Fashion Icons? Mmm even though it sounds too mainstream lol I like Kate Moss and I love Tyra Banks, that woman is very inspiring and lovable. Now lately i have found some inspiration to dress in some bloggers i have seen in lookbook.nu. I'm sorry I don't remember all her names but one I remember is Luana Perez-Garreaud :) My style? Mmm depends of my mood and what i have available lol In general it's a relaxed style, kinda chic, kinda punk sometimes, kinda girly,kinda hipster, kinda rocker, it's a mixture of what i like :)

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