Kathryn McNally


"Is Rome a country?" "Ohh it's just like ugly naked guy in Friends" "Alas, earwax" "Hello God... hello the rest of Muse" "This... is a damn good pear!" "Oh my God it's a straight banana!" "Was there dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden?" "Smily smily Tom's tried to kill the whole history class!" "That's soooooo Hexhamy" "Compared to like, an orange you're not ginger" "One time he let us play with a goat. That was a mistake." "But they're super comf!" "I'm being used as a scapegoat mum... it's like they're David Cameron and I'm Nick Clegg!" Caroline: "One time I walked from town to Heaton" Chris: "Shit! Did you take supplies?!" Caroline: "Well, I was meant to be in Byker..." Chris: "What, over the road from Heaton?" Caroline: "Er..." Chris: "What would your daemon be if you were in Northern Lights?" Me: "Yoshi!" Chris: "It has to be a real animal you know." Me: "Well duh, it would be a real Yoshi!"

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