Katherine Garcia


"Call me, txt me, If you want to reach me." "When the black hole is dragging you in, there will always be friends with a spark of light then see the hands of the true friends before your eyes that will pull you out from those bad habits." Love Doves "A love to live for a life of love. No dub just doves. Leaving the feeling an healing to be majestic and the greatest. A sight that has light you home. As a love above has guide you. The sky that cries as a storm come and goes. The sun light that glares over your eyes as you rise. The sunshine after all the wrath of an aftermath. The warmth will come as the cold has to go." I hope you decode and record this in your heart. I Love You and so does your family. JK <3 -Kat Words of inspiration for the ones you love and try to help but only have words to give, I share this to give and spread around and hope it helps. "Gather lies end up as a web as your trapped with no escape makes you vulnerable to the true hunter."  "Let me express myself sir because, being exploited will get me exploding on you" -"In search of a foundation for a better tomorrow in the hard days of today" -Kitty Kit Kat -Break time ...."this is what an O'G told me, filthy rich and dying lonely.... life is what you make it homie." “….By the time you get this letter I will already be gone.” “No one will ever love you like I will, Carino.” Listen up, there are tricksters and youngsters, the old ma’s will try to kick it to yo age which will make you vulnerable towards ‘em. The youngsters are just bait, the ball for the dog they give you a nice juicy thick piece of meat to chew, view, and entertain you on ‘til business is done. Give you a peace of mind to think you is someone or something they hand you some wine when in reality you are nothing or no one, they blind you, they drug you, they use you.

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