Kat Coogan


"im taking a tactical chunder" "he's got an amazing body.. i think i picked the wrong brother." "oi i just buttered that bread and he just fucking stolee my sandwich" "show me, dont tell me" "I came for the banter, but im staying for the pars." "play like a man, or get played like a bitch" sometimes my brain comes in flicks and it's like IDEAS, IDEAS! "i like sexy, tanned italien boys with muscles. guidossssssssssssssssss" "im guna do things uv never seen.... bring armbands, cause this is guna be wet" "just when she thought she was the center of the attention, we showed up" " Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?" "scabby cunt - what did you say- oh its an expensive fare" "not gonna lie but i love brighton.com or do i?" "dont speak to me youre all cunts" "he'll have that one please" -"are you aware it means ladyboy?" -"hahahaha, perfect" "what does it look like?!" "....it looks like a... a... an UNDERWATER LAGOON!!" "oh yeah these are your endz arent they?" "ooo...i swallowed" "hes a laugh and a half" "oh im laughing!" "you have so much swagger people are buying it on ebay" ‎"have you had those hands all your life?" "it wasnt a relationship, it was a hangover" “my eyes were closed for so long I forgot how to see” "i hate fat people the ruin everthing taking all the material" "i does care about kat. and that is the only time ur ever gna hear that so put it in your pocket and keep it safe." "ive met alot of katherines friends but youre my favourite" ""random one night stands- its like demolition derby""

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