Kassandra Oling


Saying Bye after a 1 hour 30 minute phone conversation with Dave Williams. Me: " i'll talk to you later." Dave: " okay, you have my cell number right?" Me: "....what lmao" Dave: "oh shit wait." "idgaff" - C-no & i in math. "heres the mail it never fails. It makes me wanna wag my tail"- BluesClues " Where is the thing that i found that i can't find...?"- Me to my father "wanna have a fluffy jacket fight...?" - C-NO "daym girl u must be a pokemon. Cuzz im tryna PEEK-AT-CHU" - C-NO "BLACK AND YELLOW"- The song. "If I let you in, you'd just want out. If I tell you the truth, you'd vie for a lie. If I spilt guts, it would make a mess we can't clean up. If you follow me, you will only get lost. If you try to get closer, we'll only lose touch"- "Don't Go" - BMTH "the super pale skin and bacne suggests she doesn't go out too much" - Zack G.

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