♥ luvs herself....muaaaah ♥ faith.karma.life.love♥ She dyes her laces purple. She likes everything dark and mysterious. She's in her own world 24/7. She reads through the night. She loves strong coffee. She loves drives. She loves dark chocolate. She loves the smell of petrol. She'll do anything for her family. She likes weddings. She hates materialistic people. She despises fake people. She hates people who jugde her without knowing her. She loves discussions. She loves reading. WAY TOO MUCH. She loves the smell of wet sand. She writes quotes. She loves the sunrise and sunset. She loves days cuddled up in bed.Especially when its raining. She loves hot chocolate. She loves to fall sick.Weird I know. She loves literature. She's very open minded .No topic is taboo for her. She like to watch TV. She's an extremely positive person. She believes in herself. She hates flies, mosquitoes and reptiles. She loves Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. She loves ghost stories and stories of ancient civilizations. She loves to people-watch. She loves reading classics. She loves writing. She'll say what needs to be said is not afraid to be herself. She has a deep crush on Salman khan. x | She's ME | x

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