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"I win!!" - me "I have two leaves, they are green." -me "I have no mental outside smarts." -Shelby "Stick is NOT a shape, Ron, stick is NOT a shape, it's a UNITY!!.... no, it's a color.... stick brown, but then there are lots of different sticks so then Crayola would have to make the 1,000 crayon box. The teacher is gonna make the little kids buy the 1,000 crayon box and if they don't have one they'll flunk." - A.J., Shelby, and me being silly in choir. "I got a family whatever that is" -Caitlin "I'm never getting breadsticks AGAIN!!! Breadsticks are EVIL!!"-Caitlin Clapping into the night...... then shelby yells David!!... he looks across the road gives us the evil eye and continues his crazy clapping into the night so shelby decides to go crazy and wack the pole. lol. definately had to be there. "It's the greenbeans that smell like playdough."-me "No, it's Caitlin."-Shelby "I didn't put anything pineapple on today!"-Caitlin (this all happened at the lunch table... you definately had to be there to smell the playdough lol) "What's up?"- Caitlin "Gooooooood"- me (haha i was really tired and distracted by Uncle Jesse from Full House's good looks lol) "I'm such a non-conformist that I'm not gonna conform to your non-conformist ways and I'm just gonna conform." -William "Jim, Jim, where'd you get that cheese?! Jim, who brings cheese to a hotel?!"- William "He's so dirty like a garbage can full of POOP!!"- Surf's Up haha the cute little penguins. "While we are stopped at this lovely octagon-shaped stop sign lets use our wonderful geometry skills and measure the exterior angles!!" =O-me "Yeah, there's nothing worse than a football player showing a little leg."-Caitlin "At least there not showing there ankles"-me but Caitlin heard "Well at least there ankles aren't buff" o silly silly. "Yeah, the cashier would be too scared to even talk to us." -me "Then how would he check us out?" -Caitlin "He checks us out with his eyes duh!! There is no words involved." -me "Uno, dos, squat." -Shelby "Let's see we have wheat and oranges. Let's add another fruit... sugar and barley!" -Shelby "Bus and a stack of oreo cookies." -Algebra "Cookie checkers. Black has won." -Algebra "He ain't no country bumpkin no mo', no mo'." -me talking about Ryan now being a city folk lol "MISTER CHAPMAN!!!!" -me "No it's not me!" - Mr. Chapman "If you buy a can of green beans, he's not gonna be interested." - Ms. T "Splendiferous!" -Chicago "It's not like he's gonna run up to your car and open the door and snatch you out!" -Ms. T "This lady starts chewing me out for something this cashier did. Um... I stock shelves!" -Austin B. "I haven't used shampoo in 8 months." -Austin B. "I hate that when the computer farts." -me "Those boots are stylin.. you are just a stylish girl." -Mr. Chapman "If we played the animal sound game then someone could be like lion tiger... tiger cantalope" -Caitlin "What sound would a cantalope make?" -me "Scwelch" -Caitlin

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