Kathleen Pritchard


"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay then it's not the end" Shit happens, but everything happens for a reason. Tristan: I put my music on shuffle earlier, for the first time in ages - It was amazing - Rammstein, followed by Avril Lavigne, then Vivaldi Four Seasons, Spring. Stevie: Ah I love the Four Seasons, my favourite is Jupiter. Tristan: Jupiter? That season inbetween Spring + Summer? CVD: I didn't smoke for three months. That's almost four months. Tom: Can you say it like a black person? Kaffy: You do realise all black people aren't from the same place? JK: I'm supposed to be going to Copenhagen just cos it's like good architecture and shit - best description ever James: Dude, you realise the only reason I took this job is so I could get free sausage? Gemma: You look like a festival threw up on you. Meirion: If you're single in 10 years time i'm going to laugh at you. OJ get a spoon, no, get a fork - 'spooning leads to forking!' Sleepy Kaffy - I will go down if required. I'll offer myself when I wake up! Bob - pfft, wish i could meet a nice lady who'd go down if required and offer herself when she woke up... OJ (again) - Shall we just go to the middle of the dancefloor and go crazy? YEAHHHHHHH Luke - Oh I was 8 in 1982. No actually I was -4! Ahhhh, I remember it well.

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