Brittaney Penney


"In Texas we got Southern Hospitality, we also have the Death Penalty. Pick one." "I need a cowboy that will treat me like his everything, not his every now and then." "Our houses are protected by the good lord and a gun. And you might meet em both if you show up here not welcome son." "Live like you're at the bottom, even if you're at the top." -Jonas Brothers "It's amazing what you can hide, just by putting on a smile." -Demi Lovato "And...we have no electric power."-Jeremiah "Mmmmhm."-Jeremy "OH NO!!!"-Micah "Here, my mom has something to say."-Jeremy "Don't drop the laptop in the ditch."-Jon "But I'm a dude!" Micah Ricks "We're doin' flips and shh...stuff." Jon Smith "Summary of the day: woke up, kicked ass, going to bed. In that order. g'night!" Andy Lee "Twetter or Twatter, whatever that new thing is" Joe Jonas "I am a puppy, I will pee on you" Mike Bruno "Well Evander threw a baby at me once." "Dude, I hit you square in the face with that baby" Mike and Andy "Honor Society is magical delicious" Jay Rosen "Well I going to say depending on the season, humidity, and tightness of my pants, briefs or boxer-briefs but never boxers" Michael Bruno "You might be thinking to yourself, what the hell is MONE?" "This the hell is MONE!" Jay Rosen and Mike Bruno "How come all girl's Halloween costumes start with 'sexy'? Example: sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy accountant." Mike Bruno "Yo, that's illogical. I can't have it." Nick Jonas "Sounds steamy." Michael Bruno "You're made of bologna!!!" Andrew Lee as 'Timmy' "That's amazings!" Frozen Rodeges Felipe Jonston III "I take my fun seriously" Michael Bruno "Yo nice face, let's go to dinner." Joe Jonas "STATE FAIR of TEXAS, fried butter and HONOR SOCIETY!" Michael Bruno Alex:"Dude, I love candy and paper towels!" Jason:"You would." "I'm a professional, capital P. I know what I'm doing." Joe Jonas " I got my library card and I'm checking you out." Joe Jonas "There's a dude with his dog, he drives a V.W. Bug, Oh Yeah!" Mike Bruno "Y'all are buggin'." Mike Bruno "It's a pear-dy in the USA!" Alex Noyes "Dan Siego is that you?" Andy Lee "I'm about to cry bro" Alex Noyes "A gentlemen never pukes on another gentleman's loafers." Andy Lee "That was a high-risk preppy maneuver." Mike Bruno "...And then the fluffiest bunny hopped over rainbow mountain in to unicorn land." Andy Lee

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