Jason Brook


"Sing for your supper and you'll get breakfast" - Mama Cass "I can crush your head with my thighs" - Christine St. Pierre "Sometimes I dance around my apartment in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna. Never will." - Joan Cusack, 'Working Girl' "...Now my master plan is to shock then tease Break every heart than bust my knees Provin' and grovin' my brand new dance - Might just be the great-est in the lands... Then the crowd says Ahhhhhhhhh! when I do my scissor kicks...Then the crowd screams Ohhhhhhhhh! when I do my lady flips...." - Leslie and The Lys "Sixteen was a VERY difficult age for me...my hormones were racin'! My body was blossomin'! I had urgin's and yearnin's so STRONG...I used to wake up in the middle of the night just sweatin' and screamin' and clawin! Like a trapped panther...unable to release the lusty steamy passions that constantly threaten to erupt from within me!" Blanche Devereaux "When I was Sixteen I had acne and played the accordion in the marching band...." Dorothy Zbornak

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