Foodbank Nigeria provides food and relief programs (agencies) with a reliable source of food. We work with food retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers to acquire, sort, store, and redistribute food to our member agency programs, namely soup kitchens, shelters, group homes, senior centers and emergency food pantries. Foodbank Nigeria working as a central food pantry helps these non-profit operations extend the impact of their food budgets, so that their scarce resources can be redirected to their programs. In the advent of the current Information Age, it’s easy enough to look at the world as one whole place where everyone experiences the same comforts and accommodations. On the contrary, various countries have been living in poverty for the past decades or so with nary a hope in sight and case in point is Nigeria. This is why we believe in undertaking an emergency food relief program where other people can take advantage of the opportunity to help others. For instance, take one canned good. In our world, this is a trifling amount and will hardly fit for one meal for a single person. Nonetheless, this one canned good can spell the difference between dying in starvation or thriving another day. Whatever you give, know that nothing is ever consequential. Support our emergency food relief efforts and be prepared to make a world of difference even from across the globe. For more information:

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