Jona Marjona


With the eagle's flight, a mouse squeaking at the bottom do not disassemble. Let say for you somewhere, something not worth paying attention! It is not worth to mice you fall, intrigue, gossip is emptiness. But think about it - because if you look, they just infuriates your height! all that I...will not escape me...and the fact that it took...was not mine... Где бы ты не был кем бы ты не стал ...НЕ позорь тех кто тебя ВОСПИТАЛ !!!! Царство женщины – это царство нежности, тонкости и терпимости. A man standing on his knees before God, is able to see much farther than it can see the rest of the world, even raising herself on tiptoe". Э банде дуст дор Худоро, сажда кун ва аз ёд набарор ки ту дар ин дунё мехмони ва аз ин дунё кафане мёбари ё не. Хар вакт вакт хаст хар руз руз хаст леким нафас мезанат дурун бад дершавад намозат!!!!!! My style is not your fashion. My wealth is not your gold. My happiness is not of your business.

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