I am nothing at all...and everything at once.. I fuck shit up..I fix whats broken.. I love to much and not enough.. I'm broken to pieces..but I am the glue.. I'm to emotional..I feel nothing.. I try to hard...I never try enough.. I am weak and small..I am tall and tuff ..i am nothing...and everything at once.. I am your light in the night... I am that dark alley your scared to cross I am cold hearted and withdrawn.. I am the life of the party and warm I am dead on the inside turning to mush.. I am nothing. and everything at once.. I stare to long..I never notice shit.. I speak my mind..I hold to much back.. I give my heart away..I lock my heart away.. I run to you..I runaway.. I am confused..I have it all togther I want to die..I want to live foreveer I am the loner..I am the leader I am the strongest..I am the weaker I am neat..i am a mess.. I am FUCKED..I am blessed.. I am falling..I am floating.. I am nothing.and everything at once.. I am nothing.and everything at once..

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