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Shopify is the best online resource to help all kinds of businesses, large or small, create an online store for selling their product, service or merchandise. Shopify was designed to serve as a quick, easy, secure and affordable one-stop shop for creating an effective virtual storefront that offers a unique identity for the business owner. One of the main reasons that business owners like Shopify is that it is simple and easy for anyone to use, whether they are a veteran of ecommerce solutions or are a novice just starting out and wanting to set up their very first online storefront. Simplicity is the reason why Shopify has become one of the top online store builders chosen by clients, but it's not the only benefit that Shopify offers to business owners who want an online merchandising presence. Using Shopify's well-organized website, business owners are provided with a choice of free options, such as a variety of free templates they can use that are as easy as fill-in-the-blank to get their storefront started. Because Shopify is completely web-based, clients don't have to worry about downloading complicated software or having to install special equipment on their computers. Shopify offers the most features of any of the top online store builders, including a free mobile shopping cart as well as a built-in blogging platform. Shopify also provides its clients directly with a free domain as part of its basic service, as well as round the clock maintenance of their online storefront and some of the best security features of any offered by ecommerce building companies. In conjunction with MailChimp, Shopify offers its storefront clients the ability to create an email list of customers who want to opt-in to receive special offers and promotions. Shopify also offers virtual storefront owners superior customer service, available 24/7 to answer any questions or solve any issues. Shopify offers an app store for further customization of any storefront website. And best of all, business owners are invited to test Shopify for free without investing one penny by using its free 14-day trial period offer. And Shopify is also dedicated to making the design and maintenance of any online storefront secure and affordable. Shopify offers four pricing plans to suit every budget: a Starter Plan (up to 25 products); Basic Service (up to 100 products), a Professional Plan (up to 2500 products); and Unlimited products and file storage.

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