Joleene Wonders


Humouresque (After J. Laforgue) One of my marionettes is dead Though not yet tired of the game-- But weak in body as in head, (A jumping-jack has such a frame). But this deceaséd marionette I rather liked: a common face, (The kind of face that we forget) Pinched in a comic, dull grimace; Half bullying, half imploring air, Mouth twisted to the latest tune; His who-the-devil-are-you stare; Translated, maybe, to the moon. With Limbo's other useless things Haranguing spectres, set him there; "The snappiest fashion since last spring's, "The newest style, on Earth, I swear. "Why don't you people get some class? (Feebly contemptuous of nose), "Your damned thin moonlight, worse than gas-- "Now in New York"--and so it goes. Logic a marionette's, all wrong Of premises; yet in some star A hero!--Where would he belong? But, even at that, what mask bizarre!

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