Joa Bohorquez


"Where your attention goes, energy flows, and where energy flows, things grows" -Is repetitive action virtuous action? If behaviour and conduct are merely repetitive processes then all human relationships actually cease. If I behave mechanically every day, - repeating a certain code of conduct which I have learnt, which I find profitable, or which is pleasant, repeating that over and over again, - my relationship with you ceases, completely - I have become a machine. - J. Krishnamurti... --If we clearly apperceive the difference Between direct apprehension in Whole-mind And relative comprehension by reasoning In mind divided into subject-and-object, All the apparent mysteries will disappear. For that will be found to be the key Which unlocks the doors of incomprehension. - 'Posthumous Pieces' by Wei Wu Wei * Los trajes aunque parescan frivolidades, tienen un papel más importante que el de cubrirnos. Cambian nuestra visión del mundo y la visión que tiene el mundo de nosotros*

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