Jocelin Leige


My name is Jocelin and I'm a small country girl in a small country city in North Carolina. I was born and raised on the South side of Lumberton. So when other girls were outside busy firlting with no goods of the town I was always to myself with my head in a book. In high school I read so much that I could finish a large chapter book in one day. Sometimes if I'm bored enough I could finish more than one book at a time. I still read like that but now that I have my blog I'm doing more writing than reading. I also will be going back to school to get my Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online. I want to own my own Bed and Breakfast some day. I have a chance at modeling but right now I don't have enough money or a car to get it done the way I had planned it all. Some day so it will happen though. I also enjoy going to church, running, reading Seventeen magazine, and writing poetry. My main enjoyment would be reading and watching anime.

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