Jing Tsay


My name is Jaysil. My friends call me Jing Tsay, or Jing and I prefered to be call Jing. I am travel agent associated with Royal Carribbean Cruises. I am a frustrated stylist.I know...:( but fashion is my passion. I love playing with colors. Pastel colors are my favorite. They shows my characteristics being friendly and approachable.-according to psychological studies:■Pastel colors are calm, gentle and non-threatening. my evryday style is Sunny (consists mainly of short shorts, flip-flops, tank tops and short yet flowy dresses)I also love to look girlie for casual wears... I love heels and pumps not just because I'm small but because I love the sexiness it offers me. i love vintage jewelries. Its chicky, fashionable and artistic... I love pink and tan...i love OWLS

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