Jessicka Jawbreaker


im happy knowing yew are mine,the grass is greener on the other side,the more i think,the more i wish tht we could lay here for hours,and just reminice... -happy (nevershoutnever) bend over shake those titties pull over hello kitty,back it up like a u-haul truck,sock... it to meh rub my junk,i get what i like, i say what i like, DANGER DANGER ON THE SPOT, temper use to be a problem, i don't think tht we can solve em (: (: (dahvie vanity) And remember yew don't have to be a convicted murderer slash public masturbating rapist pedophile to wanna look like one(: ♥ (jon) release your inner whore. we all know you are self concious cuz of ur loose vag. :D :D lol weed is love<3 Pot / cannabis / marijuana / marihuana _________________0 ________________00 _______________0000 ___0__________000000___________0 ___00_________000000___________0 ____0000______000000__________00 ____000000____0000000_____00000 _0_____0000000_000000_00000000___0 00______000000_00000_0000000____00 0000_____000000_000_000000____0000 _000000000__0000_0_000_0_000000000 ____000000000__0_0_0_00000000000 ________000000000000000000000 ______________000_0_0000 ____________00000_0__00000 __________00_______0_______00 ____________________0

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